StartschussMasters 2020 cancelled because of Corona

You know that the StartschussMasters is a kind of family meeting of Europe’s gay football community. In 15 years of history of our tournament you made new friendships: We’re all happy to see again, we’ve got a great competition and afterwards we hug each other und celebrate the diversity of this fantastic sports.

The StartschussMasters on the first saturday in November is liked a fixed date in the gay football calendar. As organizers, we really thought about how we can deliver that certain StartschussMasters feeling despite the corona pandemic. 

Sadly it doesn’t work.

The current corona restrictions in Hamburg only allow four-a-side matches (4+1). So we wouldn’t even have substitus. Even if they eased that restrictions: We couldn’t watch the games altogether, because with 120 players in the hall it’s impossible to keep spacial distancing. And the problems even start before: How can we possibly all make it through the small locker cabin in acceptable time? We thought about a plan B, but we had no idea. We don’t feel comfortable to simply start the preperations for the tournament in the hope auf easing restrictions while the corona cases in Germany are rising and we can’t promise any of our guests to have a safe travel to us. 

We are responsible enough to say that we cannot take this responsibilty. We cannot be a safe space for the gay football communityy without giving up the safety measures for corona. Therefore we cancelled the StartschussMasters in this year. We would be happy to see you again on 6th November 2021 in Hamburg. Save the date and stay strong. 

Ballboys Hamburg
Startschuss SLSV Hamburg e.V.