The 16 teams in the tournament

With 16 teams in total from Germany, Denmark, Czech Republik and England our indoor tournament on 5th November is booked out. These are the participants:

  1. SC Aufruhr (Bochum)
  2. Vorspiel Berlin 1
  3. Vorspiel Berlin 2
  4. Soho FC (London)
  5. Hot Shots (Cologne)
  6. Wankyboyz & the married woman (Hamburg)
  7. SLS Leinebagger (Hannover)
  8. GFC Friends Prague
  9. PAN FC (Copenhagen)
  10. PAN United
  11. mvd Quadratekicker blau (Mannheim)
  12. mvd Quadratekicker rot
  13. RosaTeufel (Kaiserslautern)
  14. Ballboys 1 (Hamburg)
  15. Ballboys A
  16. Ballboys Gold

We are looking forward to an exciting tournament!

Update: Bochum had to cancel a few days before the tournament

You can download a blank match schedule here: Spielplan zum download